Letters of Approval
from the
State of Washington
Department of Ecology
Wastewater Certification Program
Current Course Approvals 2023 to 2026
BNR Process Control & Troubleshooting
Activated Sludge Module 1 ... Basic Concepts                    
Activated Sludge Module 2 ... Flow Patterns                    
Activated Sludge Module 3 ... Loading Rates                    
Activated Sludge Module 4 ... Microbiology                    
Activated Sludge Module 5 ... Troubleshooting                    
Sludge Dewatering Module                    
Preliminary & Primary Treatment                    
Basic Safety                    
Basic Hydraulics                    
Sludge Digestion Module                    
Sludge Thickening Module                    
Basic Math                    
Chlorination Principles, Safety & Process                    
So You Want to be a Utility Manager                    
Wastewater Treatment Overview    
Wastewater Treatment Concepts    
Activated Sludge & BNR Workshop    
Lift Stations Overview    
Wastewater Operator Study Guide Module 1    
Wastewater Operator Study Guide Module 2    
Wastewater Operator Study Guide Module 3    
Wastewater Operator Workshop Mission Math    
Effluent Filtration    
Basic Instrumentation
History of Assets