Note to Massachusetts Wastewater Operators:Our Courses have not changed since 2005 and they all are still TCH-approved for the 2017 renewal cycle ... Thank You for your support!
Letters of Approval
from the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
Board of Certification of Wastewater Plant Operators
5 TCHs BNR Process Control & Troubleshooting BC-2005-1563     
5 TCHs Activated Sludge Module 3 ... Loading Rates BC-2005-1566     
5 TCHs Activated Sludge Module 4 ... Microbiology BC-2005-1567     
5 TCHs Activated Sludge Module 5 ... Troubleshooting BC-2005-1568     
5 TCHs Sludge Dewatering Module BC-2005-1569     
5 TCHs Preliminary & Primary Treatment BC-2005-1570     
5 TCHs Basic Safety BC-2005-1571     
5 TCHs Basic Hydraulics BC-2005-1572     
5 TCHs Basic Instrumentation for Water & Wastewater Operators BC-2006-1830     
10 TCHs Effluent Filtration for Water & Wastewater Operators BC-2006-1828     
10 TCHs Activated Sludge Module 1 ... Basic Concepts BC-2005-1564     
10 TCHs Activated Sludge Module 2 ... Flow Patterns BC-2005-1565     
10 TCHs Sludge Digestion Module BC-2005-1573     
10 TCHs Sludge Thickening Module BC-2005-1574     
10 TCHs Basic Math BC-2005-1575     
10 TCHs Chlorination Principles, Safety & Process BC-2005-1577     
10 TCHs Activated Sludge & BNR Workshop BC-2013-2645     
10 TCHs Lift Stations Overview BC-2013-2646     
10 TCHs Wastewater Operator Workshop Mission Math BC-2013-2647     
10 TCHs Reverse Osmosis (RO) BC-2015-2895     
15 TCHs So You Want to be a Utility Manager BC-2013-2648     
20 TCHs Wastewater Treatment Overview BC-2005-1578     
20 TCHs Wastewater Treatment Concepts BC-2015-2896