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Thank you for visiting our website ... we are now in our 14th year. We provide continuing education courses for Water, Wastewater and Water Distribution System Operators, and we offer many courses at various credit values. If you would like your Water and Wastewater CEU courses registered, please log in first by clicking the Member Login button. If you are already a member of our site, please log in with your UserName & Password. Once logged in, you may choose a new username and/or password. Click this link to read more about us and our program.More About Us & Getting Started
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Testimonials ... Read what folks have said about RoyCEU.com
Harold Gaye ... I just got my results, 73% on my 'A' EXAM. I wanted to thank you for the test questions and review material you provided me. I think you gave me the ability to complete at least 6 to 8 questions that I might not otherwise have been able to work. Considering my score, that was Huge. Thank you again, and I will help promote your work as much as possible.

Christina from Pinellas County ... Activated Sludge Module 1 … this is a super course. I love it because you all let us take the classes for free even if we just need an exam refresher. That is why I give you my CEU business. I never would've done as well on my "A" exam without the free reviews. I tell EVERYONE about this site.

Jim Dulaney from Pinellas County ... You continue to provide a great service to the Wastewater Industry. It allows our Operators to maintain their skill levels without leaving the facility for off-site training. Thanks again for the commitment and support your programs have given to the Wastewater Treatment Operators within our state. James Dulaney ... Pinellas County Utilities, South Cross Bayou WRF
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  • 45 Years Experience
  • Over a Dozen Facilities Started
  • Over 3,000 Hours of Training Presented
  • Over 3,500 Operators Trained
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0.5 or 5.0 Unit Courses
$69.00 Each!

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$119.00 Each!

1.5 or 15 Unit Courses
$175.00 Each!

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$199.00 Each!

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For Operators with certification in more than one state ...

You can register the same course with a second state for just $25.00

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Notes for Florida Operators
If your address has changed during this cycle ... please contact DEP to provide your new address

Florida Operators - FDEP does not allow the same course to be taken, for the same license, two cycles in a row

Florida Cycle Dates - The current cycle started May 1, 2017, and ends April 30, 2019. Last cycle started May 1, 2015, and ended April 30, 2017

Water Distribution - All of the Drinking Water Courses are also approved for Water Distribution System Operators